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Ice cream with red wine, peaches and cocoa sauce

Ice cream with red wine, peaches and cocoa sauce

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Heat the milk with the sugar in a saucepan, lightly, until the sugar has melted.

In a bowl, beat the yolks a little to blend.

Slowly, in a thin thread, pour the milk over the yolks. Stir constantly. Make sure that the milk is not too hot, so that the yolks do not ripen.

Put the mixture back in the pan and mix over medium heat until the sauce thickens. Be very careful not to set the fire too high, because the sauce can be cheesy and you can no longer use it.

Pour the sauce after it has cooled to the temperature of the finger, through a whipped cream. Stir well.

Add vanilla and red wine. Homogenize.

Put ice cream in boxes with lids or in different shapes, in the freezer to the maximum. You can also use the ice cream machine, if you have one.

After 2 hours in the freezer, mix the ice cream with a spoon and put it back until it freezes well.

Before serving the ice cream, make the cocoa sauce: in a saucepan, mix the water with the sugar and cocoa and let the sauce thicken for 2-3 minutes on low heat. Leave to cool.

Peel a squash, grate it and slice it.

Serve red wine ice cream sprinkled with plenty of bitter cocoa sauce and a few slices of juicy peach.

Beef chop with vegetable and potato sauce

From time to time I like to bring the restaurant to my house. It is a & # 8220rezept & # 8221 & # 8211 chef Andreas Rainer from the Restaurant & # 8220Viena & # 8221 from Cluj, of 5 stars. I don't know if he's still working there. The exception I made was to replace the 2-3 tablespoons of the wonderful demi-glace with concentrated meat soup (prepared at home). The demi-glaze sauce is a brown sauce (the basis for food), which is based on a concentrated soup of beef and veal bones (sometimes + chicken wings), onion, carrots, celery, tomato sauce and red wine. Indispensable for restaurant kitchens, demi-glace is less common in a family kitchen. It takes about 24 hours to prepare.
Today I no longer have an artistic presentation, it is just a technical one, the reference being to the flavor of this serious dish that I recommend.

2 green onion threads
30 grams of butter
green parsley
2 thick slices of beef chop, boneless, cleaned of fat and skin
2 carrots
half a small celery (root)
3-4 green onions
1 leek thread
2 small pickles
100 ml dry red wine (I replaced it with 4 tablespoons of balsamic vinegar)
2-3 tablespoons demi-glaze sauce (I replaced with 1/2 l meat soup in the absence use water in which they boiled potatoes, low)

1. Boil the potatoes (not very hard, about 15 minutes) then cut into cubes and put in a pan with 15g butter. When they are browned, sprinkle with a mixture of cumin, marjoram, salt and pepper, mix well and leave for a few minutes in the pan. When they are almost ready, sprinkle with finely chopped green onions. After stopping the fire, add the remaining 15 g of butter.

2. Cut the carrots, celery, leeks and pickles into julienne.
The meat is washed and drained well of water. Heat a little oil in another pan, then put the slice (or slices, as the case may be) of meat. After a few seconds, when it has just browned a little, turn it on the other side and sprinkle with a little salt and a little pepper, then set aside.

3. In the pan the place of the meat is taken by the chopped vegetables. Heat a little, then pour the red wine and half-ice sauce. When they are almost ready, put the meat again, over the vegetables, and leave it for a few more minutes (on both sides) until it is as we want it (more bloody or more penetrated).

4. At the end, place on a plate as follows: put the potatoes, sprinkle with chopped green onions (or parsley), and cover the meat with vegetables and sauce.
Liv (e) it!
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Peanut ice cream & # 8211 healthy delight

Like hazelnut ice cream it turned out really sensational, I thought I would try a peanut ice cream, but changing the recipe a bit. First of all, we took advantage of the fact that we have peanut butter. Then, I did not use sour cream at all, but whole milk and concentrated milk. Not for coffee, but in a larger box, semi-skimmed and unsweetened. The result was a very creamy and extraordinarily tasty ice cream. Where else do you put it as healthy, given that peanuts have the ability, scientifically proven, to lower the level of bad cholesterol, to maintain the health of blood vessels and reduce infections in the body.

& # 8211 concentrated milk, unsweetened 465 ml
& # 8211 whole milk 300 ml
& # 8211 sugar 130 g
& # 8211 peanut butter 100 g
& # 8211 eggs 3 pcs.
& # 8211 vanilla sugar 1 sachet

Put on low heat the concentrated milk, whole milk and half the amount of sugar. When the milk mixture has warmed up and the sugar has dissolved, add the peanut butter. Chew until the peanut butter melts and a homogeneous composition results. In a bowl, beat the eggs with the remaining sugar and vanilla sugar until a foam results.

Put, little by little, the warm milk, stirring constantly. When you have put the whole mixture of milk and peanut butter, turn the composition over in a double-walled pot or in a saucepan that is suitable for bain-marie. Stir continuously, over low to medium heat, until the water (between the walls or in the pan & # 8220basic & # 8221) begins to boil, and the composition of eggs and milk acquires a slightly creamy consistency (it remains a trace when you run your finger over the back of the spoon ). Be careful not to let the composition reach the boiling point!

Remove from the heat and let the composition cool, then refrigerate for at least two to three hours. Then put it in the ice cream machine, and at the end of the program, put the box of ice cream in the freezer for a few more hours. Serve the ice cream with grated chocolate on top or with the peanut pieces.

Calories: 194 kcal / 100 g.

You can get a creamy ice cream without a machine: take the box of ice cream out of the freezer at least every two hours and mix very well (with a fork or mixer at low speed). Repeat the operation at least three times.

Peaches filled with cream recipe step by step

Peaches filled with cream recipe step by step. Recipe for peach or apricot cookies tender and delicate, filled with fine cocoa cream or chocolate with rum and walnuts. How to make and color stuffed peaches? What dyes do we use and in what quantity? What cream do peaches fill with?

These peaches with cream, together with stuffed nuts they are certainly among the most popular cakes of the Romanians. But not only theirs & # 8230 In areas with a predominantly Hungarian population (Transylvania) and in Hungary these stuffed peaches they are traditionally made at weddings, being among the cakes that are given as a gift to guests when they leave home for the wedding (lagzis barack, lakodalmas barack).

Their origin is in Renaissance Italy & # 8211 fake peaches to alchermes. They are traditionally filled with vanilla cream, chocolate or jam. The specific reddish color is given by Alchermes liqueur & # 8211 an aromatic liqueur with cloves, cinnamon, etc.

These stuffed peaches are durable (physically and over time) and easily transportable. They can be made many days before, being even better after a few days, after they become friends with the cream and freeze.

Preparing these homemade peaches she is quite meticulous. The dough is prepared simply but then portioning (per gram) and forming balls, baking, scooping, filling and coloring are steps that require time and attention.

The good part is that we can bake the peach shells many days before the Holidays or other events, they last in the pantry for a month (unfilled). However, I recommend that you dig them immediately after baking because they will harden in a few days. No matter how hard they harden, they will become tender again, filling the soup with cream and coloring with syrup.

From the quantities below we obtained 22 pieces of peaches filled with cream with approx. 5.5 cm in diameter (filled). I don't like the monstrously big ones because you get tired of one and you can't eat other kinds of cakes. Peaches should be two mouthfuls: bite once and then liquidate what is left.

alt = "Prajitura_Alaska" /> Alaska cake from: dehydrated fruits, rum, cozonac, chocolate ice cream, eggs, caster sugar, starch and white wine vinegar. Ingredients: 200 g dehydrated fruit 4 tablespoons rum or brandy 400 g muffin or simple cake, peeled and sliced ​​1 cm 750 ml, chocolate ice cream 4 eggs, egg whites 180 g caster sugar… Read more »/> Perfectly with raspberries and walnut from: almond nut, vanilla ice cream, sweet red wine, egg white, raspberry, caster sugar and orange juice. Ingredients: 100 g almond nougat, pre-frozen, to be broken more easily 1 kg vanilla ice cream 3 tablespoons sweet red wine 1 egg white 200 g frozen raspberries for… Read more »

Mulled wine

It's a simple recipe for mulled wine (red) and spices, so fragrant! In winter we always boil wine and go to bed with a steaming cup in hand. We watched TV and enjoyed the fragrant wine. & # 128578

When we were children, our grandparents made mulled wine in the evening, when we came frozen from the carol. God, how good he was. They diluted it with water for us, the children, they put half water, half wine, so that & bdquonu climbs Aghiuta to the head & rdquo & # 128512

It's not a complicated recipe, I'm sure you know it, but & hellip maybe I'll come up with something new or at least remind you & # 128578

Cocoa ice cream and instant coffee

With fruit or not, with milk and cream or not, with sugar or sweeteners, with or without eggs & # 8230 If in the past it was intended only for crowned heads, now ice cream is available to enthusiasts in thousands of assortments. As summer finally knocks at the door, I tempt you with a classic ice cream: cocoa ice cream. You know the saying: & # 8220oldies but goldies & # 8221 & # 8230

Delicious and cool, with a subtle aroma of instant coffee, ice cream can be eaten as such or can be combined with banana slices and a topping & # 8220decadent & # 8221 Nutella.


& # 8211 3 yolks
& # 8211 sugar cough 100 g
& # 8211 whole milk 250 ml
& # 8211 whipped cream (30% fat) 200 ml
& # 8211 cocoa 15 g
& # 8211 instant coffee 3 sachets (6 g)

Beat the yolks with the sugar, cocoa, instant coffee and 50 ml of milk, until the cocoa dissolves completely. Add the rest of the milk and mix very well with the mixer.

Whip the cream (cooled according to the instructions on the box) with the mixer (a few seconds at low speed, then at maximum speed, about 2 minutes). Stirring further, but at low speed, add the yolk and cocoa composition. Make sure the mixture is well blended and put it in the ice cream machine.

If you like a firmer ice cream, put it in the freezer for another hour or two. It can be served as such, with a chocolate topping.

For total pampering, there is& # 8230 Banana Karma.

Calories: 230 kcal / 100 g.

A suggestion for using the egg whites left over from making ice cream: Angel Food Cake with lemon.

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Banana Karma & # 8211 pampered with ice cream

If you want to amaze your friends with a dessert that is easy to prepare, but still delicious, extravagant and memorable, Banana Karma is the solution. A surprising combination of hot and cold, bitter cocoa and fragrant banana. A quick dose of happiness.

Personally, this dessert makes me miss the duke & # 8230 duke on the shores of the Aegean Sea.

ingredients (for two servings):

& # 8211 cocoa ice cream (possibly this cocoa ice cream)
& # 8211 or banana
& # 8211 fresh waffles 4 pcs.
& # 8211 Nutella 2 tbsp
& # 8211 1 tablespoon milk

Nutella is put in a microwave with a spoonful of milk for 30 sec. Remove and mix very well. On a plate, put two waffles (possibly lightly heated in the microwave), half a banana cleaned and cut into rounds and ice cream (one or two cups, depending on their size). Place the Nutella topping on top.

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