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Cakes (Childhood Memories)

Cakes (Childhood Memories)

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That's how I miss my childhood, the holidays at Grandma's, the food made in the kettle on the stove, the baked cakes on the stove, and much more! Today I tried to bring a little of the joy of those years, the cakes came out great ,,,, but something is missing!

  • 1kg white flour
  • 400 - 450 ml of water
  • salt to taste
  • 50 gr yeast
  • 2 teaspoons oil

Servings: 10

Preparation time: over 120 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Cakes (Childhood Memories):

Sift the flour, add the yeast and water that must be warm, season with salt and knead the dough with the two teaspoons of oil. The dough obtained is elastic, easy to work. We then leave it in a warm place (in a bowl covered with a kitchen towel) until it doubles in volume. After the dough has risen enough, divide it into equal pieces, which we will spread with the help of the rolling pin, one by one. Bake them on a tray or in a cauldron, whatever they are, they are delicious! Good appetite!

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Biscuit recipe

This cake without baking with cookies is ideal for any occasion, when you do not want to bake countertops or when you simply have no way. A cake without baking is welcome during the summer, for example. It's great when we're bad with time or when we don't know what cake to make. My mother often made us biscuit cakes as a child. I don't remember exactly how he did it, but I won't. Spread the dough, cut biscuits into different shapes, powder with sugar and place in the hot oven at 180 ° C for approx. 15 minutes. If you liked our recipe Simple biscuits, don't forget to review it. For successful culinary photos use the Nikon D3500. Other recipes Homemade crackers with lard or butter - very tender. Something simple and banal and classic full of memories! Fritters were made in every home, put in closed boxes and were a strategic reserve for even darker days than chocolate biscuit salami recipe - an incredibly tasty and easy-to-make dessert Being a traditional snack In our family, this salami with chocolate biscuits is the perfect dessert for coffee and the best part is that this salami with chocolate biscuits is very easy to prepare

Biscuit cake with chocolate pudding, Petitche Recipe

  • ute with biscuits and pudding. The cake with biscuits and pudding is a delicious and obviously fast cake. The combination of vanilla pudding, biscuits, strawberries and whipped cream is a sensational one. Once you have tried this cake you will want to make it again.
  • Divide the composition of biscuits into two equal parts and spread each quarter in a rectangle of 23 × 30 cm. Spread evenly half of the coconut cream and roll. Do the same with the other side. . * Help yourself to spread the food foil so that it doesn't stick
  • If you are preparing this recipe, don't forget to take a picture of it and use the hashtag #valeriesfood Tags meringue biscuits christmas biscuits biscuits of different shapes holiday biscuits vanilla essence vanilla glaze
  • VIORICA 10 years ago - December 13, 2009 13:30. Re: Biscuit salami. I made biscuit salami for years and gradually after the revolution I replaced it with a biscuit roll. I also put finely chopped fruit shit for the biscuit salami, AND I PUT THE SAME COOKIES ON THE ROLL ONLY AS I PUT THEM ON THE GRATERS OR THROUGH THE MEAT CHOPPING MACHINE. If anyone wants the recipe, I give it with the greatest pleasure.
  • It is a very well known and old recipe. My mother used to make these cookies for me when I was younger, and they were very welcome when I had a craving for something sweet. I recommend you try them, because they are tasty and are getting better every day
  • im 2 hours before serving. Cut the biscuit salami into 0.5 cm slices, then you can powder them with sugar or coconut flakes.

Add 8 broken Oreo biscuits into smaller pieces. Add the whipped cream, but keep a little for garnish. Put the filling obtained in the tray in which you cooled the crust and garnish with the remaining whipped cream, then break 2-3 Oreo biscuits and sprinkle them over the cheesecake. You may also like a recipe similar to biscuit salami, but in. Best BAKES WITHOUT BAKING images in. Cake with biscuit top and yogurt and caramel cream. Mix everything, put the biscuits through the orange juice, place them at the base and pour the composition over them. Translation of this page 01. Glaze: In a saucepan put whipped cream, margarine and broken chocolate pieces. Leave it on low heat and when it reaches boiling point set aside and mix. When it cools, pour it over the cake.

9 Homemade Biscuit Recipes - Culinary Recipes by Teo's

  1. Stuffed tender biscuits, simple and delicious autumn recipe Biscuits with apples, biscuit recipe with tender dough and apple and cinnamon filling. Some of the most popular apple biscuits in Italy are called Cuor di mela and are produced by a well-known brand here
  2. We prepare two pieces of foil and spread half of the biscuit composition, then we will roll them together with the foil, in the shape of salami. Refrigerate the salami pieces for 2-3 hours until it hardens and can be nicely portioned, then powder it with cocoa or coconut, according to your preferences.
  3. Homemade biscuits for babies and older children. You can prepare them yourself at home with the little one. Here are some of the homemade cookie recipes for babies and older children tested by moms in the Baby Club. You never imagined that it could be so easy to make your little one cookies at home with.
  4. Recipe: The most delicious dessert of childhood: Biscuit cake. Here's how easy it is to prepare. In a saucepan put 300 ml of milk to boil. When it starts to boil, add the lemon and orange peels (cut the large peels with a knife). Mix for a few seconds with a spatula and then remove from the heat. Allow to cool

Biscuit salami recipe with chocolate and raisins, the taste of childhood. Photo source: Biscuit salami is the dessert that everyone ate as a child. I don't think there is anyone who hasn't tasted at least a slice of this simple and tasty dessert. And it is a recipe and very easy to prepare RECIPE: Cookies - delicious American biscuits Cookies are the American biscuits that children leave for Santa Claus under the decorated Christmas tree. They are excellent for breakfast - served with a cup of coffee, between meals - to satisfy the craving for sweets, or in the evening - with a glass of biscuit milk. Simple and delicious recipe Ema Apostu / 30 Sep 2018 / 06:00 One of the tastiest homemade desserts is definitely the biscuit salami. And the preparation is simpler than you thought. Ingredient. 500 g plain biscuits 100 g sugar 100 ml milk 100 g a Sprinkle a layer of cream over the biscuits then another layer of biscuits soaked in milk, then the cream and so on until we finish the biscuits and cream. (I had 3 × 6 biscuits and 6 layers) For the icing, melt the chocolate together with the butter on a steam bath and spread it on the last layer of biscuits.

Spirits, butter biscuits, lard, childhood recipe Spirits biscuits - butter biscuits, lard, childhood recipe. I remember with longing and great sadness the huge plates of cakes, cookies and biscuits that my mother made. I have no words to tell you how fine were the Cornuletele with lard and borscht, Snow White, Greta Garbo. Or how fluffy my mother's rolls and cakes were. So, you will need, for each salami, 135 g of biscuits. 135g X 32 pieces of salami = 4,320 kg biscuits total quantity. 12/04/2016 at 1:34 pm Reply We present you a simple Oreo cake recipe, what will drive your senses crazy! It's ready quickly and doesn't require baking. Delicious cream cake and biscuits - Simple and delicious recipe, ready in no time. When I feel like something sweet, I quickly make a cookie cake. I find it delicious and very easy to make. INGREDIENT. For a 23 × 23: 60 tray of Petit Beurre biscuits. Cream: - 1 l of milk - 5 yolks

If you are preparing this recipe, don't forget to photograph it and use the hashtag #valeriesfood Tags biscuits biscotti biscuits homemade biscuits italian biscuits fast biscuits cantuccini dried fruit cookies walnuts Preparing layer of biscuits for wafer roll and coconut biscuits . Put a cup of sugar in a saucepan and caramelize. Then quench with water and bring to a boil until the caramel melts. Add the vanilla sugar and butter and bring to a boil. The caramel syrup is poured hot. The cake with coconut and biscuits is an easy-to-prepare homemade cake that does not require baking and with ingredients available to everyone. If you love homemade cakes with coconut, I recommend you try this cake with coconut and meringue. Top 400 gr biscuits petit beurre 50 gr cocoa 200-250 ml cold milk 2 lg sugar. Shortbread cookies. October 7, 2013. Written by Laura Nechita. 6 Easy to make, tasty, tender, flavorful. All the strengths on their side: shortbread cookies. Shortbread is a traditional English biscuit / cookie, which got its name due to the dough, crispy texture, crumbly

Biscuit Salami - Delicious Lent Laura Recipe

Quick recipe, a light and refreshing sweet, summer - Biscuit cake and cream When I feel like something sweet, I quickly make a cookie cake. I find it delicious and very easy to make is the site with the best healthy recipes and nutrition tips. The recipes are carefully chosen and tested by us 100% Ingredients: For the dough: -125 ml natural yogurt -3 eggs -100 ml oil -200 g caster sugar -150 g white flour -53 g biscuits (from Biscuit Salami) - 2 grated teaspoons of baking powder Dr. Banana pyramid biscuit recipe, banana biscuit pyramid, biscuit pyramid recipe, quick cake recipe. Sunday, 19 July, 2020 Recipe for rice lumps with vegetables and meat with pickled cucumber sauce Ingredients: 1 cup rice, 1 white onion, 1 carrot, 5-6 sliced ​​mushrooms, 1 red or green pepper, 200 gr meat .

Recipe: BISCUITS SALAM. By Petre Dobrescu, Wednesday, August 19, 2015, 2:53 p.m. Last update on Tuesday, November 12, 2019, 09:44. PREPARATION TIMES. Preparation time: 20 min Cooking time: 720 min Ready in: 12 hours, 20 min INGREDIENTS. 200 g chocolate with 70% cocoa 100 g butter 2 pieces yolk biscuits Home recipe Both adults and children can not resist the taste of aromatic croutons, which are abundantly available to us on the shelves. But why is it bought biscuits, which have weight flavors and other harmful ingredients when you can cook on the basis of only natural products Recipe Cookies with Cumin from Cookbook, Bakery and pastry. Specific Romania. How to Make Chime Cookies Some time ago, I was sharing a recipe for oatmeal and pumpkin cookies. I think it's time to show you how to make the classic ANZAC biscuit recipe. But before I move on to the actual recipe, I still bore you with the story behind these cookies, as I really like them.

Ecler Cake - recipe without baking, with a cookie sheet and a special taste. Cover again with biscuits and prepare the chocolate icing. Put the whipped cream on low heat and when it almost boils, add the broken chocolate and mix everything very well. Remove from the heat (do not boil) and add over the biscuits. A healthy lifestyle is synonymous with a balanced diet. We have gathered here vegetarian, vegan and raw vegan recipes in such a way as to give you inspiration for any time of the day. The smoothie is available to anyone, and is also a healthy choice for a quick snack. An original recipe for healthy biscuits scented with dried lavender flowers. Really good! Add more sugar (or sweetener like me) if you want sweets. Spelled flour contains more protein than regular flour, but its caloric intake is significantly lower than that of white wheat flour.

. After several more or less successful attempts, we came to this recipe, for which we guarantee that it is very good. Vegan cookies - The best recipe (melt in your mouth!) Popular recipes Cake with biscuit top and banana filling - light recipe, without baking. The cake with biscuit top and banana filling is a delicious dessert that goes great with a cup of coffee. I often make this tasty cake because my husband loves it. Being a simple recipe, easy to prepare, I always make it with.

Cream cake and biscuits - Simple and delicious recipe, ready in a second. When I feel like something sweet, I quickly make a cookie cake. I find it delicious and very easy to make. INGREDIENT. For a 23 × 23: 60 tray of Petit Beurre biscuits. Cream: - 1 l of milk - 5 yolks, detailed recipe step by step Many write to me that you are testing my recipes and I am very happy, and for this I can only thank you! The other day, a lady asked me to give her the peach jam recipe, which I served for breakfast, in the restaurant of the hotel Recipe. Biscuit cake. If you want a quick and good dessert, we suggest you prepare the cake with cookies. It is easy to make and costs only 1.5 lei per portion. INGREDIENTS 300 g popular biscuits. 100 g household chocolate. 6 eggs. a pinch of salt. PREPARATION: 1. Melt the chocolate over low heat, broken into pieces

Simple cookie cake, Petitche Recipe

  • Here's a quick cookie recipe! Photo source: Shutterstock. Read also the following article: Chocolate foam and coffee. READ SIMILAR ARTICLES. If you liked this article, follow us on Facebook. Simona Halep does NOT look like that anymore! Our sportswoman made a change of look
  • Recipe: Banana Biscuits January 08, 2015 Ingredients: - 2 ripe, crushed bananas - 200 grams of oats - 80 grams of coconut flakes banana biscuits and chocolate cream healthy biscuits with oats and banana oats and chocolate cookies vegan cookies.
  • Simple and tasty cream and biscuit cake - Lightning recipe! When I feel like something sweet, I quickly make a cookie cake. I find it delicious and very easy to make. INGREDIENT. For a 23 × 23: 60 tray of Petit Beurre biscuits. Cream: - 1 l of milk - 5 yolks
  • ute: the most delicious, juicy and simple recipe Coca Cola cake, bestial! A recipe as old as it is good

Biscuit salami (video recipe) 27-03-2013 20:52. Ingredient. 500 gr popular biscuit 200 ml milk 150 gr butter 100 gr raisins 100 gr sugar 2 tablespoons cocoa 1 rum rum coconut. Cooking salami recipe. First, we break the biscuits into smaller and larger pieces, about the size of a stamp. Punem. Recipe for Biscuit Cake with Chocolate Cream and Rum | retetetime July 2020 It is an old dessert from my childhood and although it is light and super tasty, [], why do you need 400 gr biscuits, 200-250 ml milk + 1 teaspoon green sugar + 1 teaspoon rum, cream, 3 yolks (from the remaining egg whites you can make an omelet), 2.5. We propose a prescriptionvegetable stew: tasty, filling and healthy. It is a food that we can prepare not only in fasts, but at any time, because it is a prescriptionvery successful. Surely you will make this drob several times Peasant eggplant Zacusca, traditional Zacusca family recipe Only when I hear this word it really rains in my mouth! I have always liked this dish a lot, sometimes forgetting about myself and I also opened the second jar I have been making this recipe for more than 20 years and today .603 the eMAG! You have the freedom to pay in installments, You benefit from the promotions of the day, the opening of the package upon delivery, easybox, free return in 30 days and Instant Money Back

40 Recipes Homemade cookies and biscuits - with PICTURES

ANZAC biscuit recipe with pumpkin. No comments 3 minute read 266 views Total. 0. Shares. 0. 0. 0. 0. Anzac biscuits are very popular in Australia and New Zealand, and I can't be more grateful to have discovered them. I think I found the Anzac cookie recipe in a cookbook. This recipe brings a. Recipe without baking, ready in just 5 minutes - Dream cake. Cake ingredients: 500 ml milk, 220 gr whipped cream 450 gr biscuits (petit beurre or graham) 1 sachet of vanilla cream. Ingredients needed for the icing: 200 g of powdered sugar, 3 tablespoons of warm milk Ingredients: • Preparation: Put the sugar on the fire with water and leave until all the sugar dissolves. Then add the packet of margarine, let it melt, pour the powdered milk in the rain and mix continuously with the whisk. Add cocoa, crushed walnuts, raisins, rum essence s Ingredients: 1 kg biscuits + 250 g sugar + 1 packet margarine + 1 cup milk + 3 tablespoons cocoa + rum essence, coconut • Preparation: Biscuits are I give through scrapers. Put the margarine in a bowl on the fire. After it has melted, add the rest of the ingredients. Leave to cool, then Pepper and onion dish + video recipe. How to make Sicilian pepperoni. Pepper stew, Hungarian lecso recipe. Easy recipe

Laura Laurenți biscuits

Culinary recipe Cake with biscuit top, white chocolate cream and dark chocolate icing from the Sweets category. How to make Cake with biscuit top, white chocolate cream and dark chocolate icing, what do you need for the top, 800 g popular biscuits, 200 g butter, 175 g sugar, 80 g ci | Craftlo The best cookies ever tasted - that was the verdict after the first snack. And believe me, I saw some cookies, at least at our holiday home there were about 5-6 types, that's the tradition in the area. I saw these at Natalia's, I found them interesting, especially the part with the filling and I said to start. for years I find something delicious that fits perfectly with my current cravings (and what I have in the fridge) so I decided to make this wonderful fluffy pie with salted cheese. I know that the dough I bought is much more practical, but as usual , thousand. A piece of advice is judged by results, not intentions. Cicero The wise man does not say everything he thinks, but what he says, he thinks .. Aristotle Character without intelligence does much, intelligence without character does nothing. Cicero If you've suddenly become a bad person for someone, it means you've done them too much good.

Place the hardened apples over the biscuits, level and place the second layer of biscuits. Spread the cream evenly, and place another layer of biscuits on top of the cream. We cover the cake with foil and put the tray in the fridge overnight. Although in English they are called Shortbread Biscuits (and you will find hundreds of recipes on the net under this name) for me they are still biscuits / cookies with butter, cut into various shapes, for various occasions. , glazed or not by far the children's preferences. I cut them into small shapes and cut them into chocolate pants. Shortbread Cookies [Fluffy, yogurt - based cakes prescriptiona simple delight! I always serve them instead of bread! Savuros.TV. October 13, 2019 · Tort de biscuit simple - an Argentine dessert, ready in 20 minutes! Savuros.TV. 33K views · March 2. 3:53. Top Grind the biscuits with the help of the robot, then add the melted butter (but not hot) and mix until a dough is formed. We spread it in a detachable shape that we previously lined with baking paper and let it cool until we prepare the filling. News about 'cookie cake recipe' Cooking. The simplest recipe for coffee biscuits! Ready in less than half an hour

Homemade biscuits - Culinary recipes - Romanian and from

cook exclusively with the multi & slow 5.6 l Crock-Pot cooker. I did this too! Stuffed peppers, made by me from 0. My mother is the one who makes stuffed peppers and sends them to us. I haven't made many traditional dishes so far, but I'm starting to like to prepare them. It probably happens with age. Surprisingly, it was much easier than I expected. Especially since I have. Salted biscuits with parmesan - homemade crackers. A kind of savory - appetizer biscuits made of tender dough with butter and parmesan. They simply melt in your mouth, have a great aroma and a crunchy and tender texture. Do not last on the set for more than 20 minutes! I admit that although I made 3 [Lion Cake is suitable for the weekend. It goes great with a cup of coffee. With this cake you will surely be able to surprise your friends at various events. Try our recipe and enjoy the taste of a delicious dessert with Lion bars. You need: 660 ml liquid cream for whipped cream 3 bars Lion 750 gr cheese [

Spirited biscuits

Recipe from Thai cuisine: Massaman Curry In order to personalize and improve your experience on we use cookies. By continuing to browse the site or by pressing the I understand button, you agree to the storage of primary and third-party Cookie Chef Recipes. Florin Dumitrescu, Sorin Bontea and Catalin Scarlatescu bring you, only on Antena 1, culinary recipes, food recipes, cake recipes, pasta recipes, fasting recipes and many other recipes Only 3 ingredients and 30 minutes separate you from the most good biscuits september 27, 2020 Coconut flake lovers must definitely try this recipe. They are the best biscuits with coconut flakes. The recipe contains only 3 ingredients, but the taste is unmistakable. Fluffy, delicious, flavorful, but also good-looking Do you know those perfect chocolate chip cookies that you keep seeing in bakeries or cafes? Well, I've been stained with them for a while and I wanted to make some similar ones, which I can say are 'the best chocolate chip cookies' but at the same time be easy to make

Best Biscuit Cake Recipes - Adygio Kitche

Biscuits with almonds, cranberries and vegan salted caramel. May 31, 2020. Desert. Pancakes with cheese and baked strawberries. May 27, 2020. Cheesecake with rhubarb and strawberry jam. May 21, 2020. Smart cake with cocoa. May 12, 2020. Food Stuffed sweet potatoes. by Corina September 17, 2020 Biscuit salami is a classic recipe for. 1.2K. Culinary Sweet Lent Recipe! Biscuit salami, economical and practical. Sweet fasting recipe! During periods of fasting, the craving for sweets can often tempt you. The simplest, cheapest. The most read news

Savori Urban childhood cookie recipe

As the name suggests, biscuits are Biscuim's piece of resistance. We present simple recipes for delicious and healthy cookies for capricious children. Kids love the biscuits from Biscuit Salami Biscuits. Simple biscuit salami recipe. Biscuit salami is a very popular dessert. With just a few ingredients, a dessert comes out that is preserved and is ideal for the package. Depending on your preferences, the amount of sugar can be adjusted so that it can be consumed by those with diabetes. We spread the cream over the cookie sheet and put it back in the fridge until we prepare the icing. Glaze: Put chocolate, whipped cream and margarine in a bowl over low heat. When it reaches the boiling point, set aside and mix. Let cool and when it reaches room temperature pour it over the cake Healthy recipes for the daily menu: appetizers, soups, broths, desserts and other dishes that can be included in the daily diet

Homemade biscuit salami recipe

16.05.2018 - We are glad to share with you a recipe for biscuit salami that can be accepted in a diet. Spre deosebire de reネ嫺ta tradiネ嬖onalト , aceasta nu conネ嬖ne margarinト , zahトビ rafinat sau alte ingrediente ce pot afecta greutatea corporalト sau sトハトフatea Super rețetă Tort de biscuiti cu ganache de ciocolata Simplu, rapid si de efect! Gustul copilariei BISCUITI LINZER CU GEM. Știu că pare o rețetă stufoasă, însă promit că merită. Am folosit tot aluatul și deși m-am speriat de multe ori din cauză că e ușor sfârâmicios, am avut răbdare de fiecare dată când l-am întins și i-am dat de cap. De asemenea, nu am avut nici pudrieră pentru a putea împrăștia uniform zahărul.

Tort fara coacere cu biscuiti - reteta video JamilaCuisin

Punem un strat de crema, apoi trecem biscuitii rapid prin laptele rece, si ii asezam peste crema. In penultimul strat de crema eu am adaugat nucile prajite si tocate grosier. Repetam pana punem ultimul strat de crema. Atentie cum va impartiti crema, eu am avut 4 straturi de biscuiti acoperite cu crema. Puteti pune si 5 straturi de biscuiti Salam de biscuiti Bukătarul amator s-a mutat în casă nouă! Găsiți această rețetă aici. Vă mulțumesc! Publicat de Bukatar amator la Aseară am făcut un aperitiv rapid și consistent, după o rețetă pe care o am de la Ioana. Ea e mare maestră într-ale bucătăriei, așa că de.. Este un preparat ce poate fi pregătit destul de ușor, amintindu-ne de dulciurile preparate de bunica. Putem personaliza rețeta, după propriul gust cu alune, stafide, fistic, fructe confiate, ciocolată. Vă invit să încercați această rețetă de salam de biscuiți! Citește în continuare Salam de biscuiti

Reteta Biscuiti simpli - gustos

Asparagusul sau Sparanghelul se consideră o legumă regală, iar această rețetă es. Reţeta . 5. Biscuiti de banane. Biscuiti perfecti si pentru micuti,chiar si pentru cei alergici. Reţeta . 6. Somon sărat. O modalitate de a pregăti somonul sărat în condiţii casnice. Reţeta biscuiti vegani . 1 post . Deserturi vegane (de post) Biscuiți cu unt de arahide și garam masala (rețetă vegană) Rețeta aceasta de biscuiți cu unt de arahide a ieșit din cuptor pornind de la o tematică indiană. Cum în oraș se anunțase Veggie In The City și toți participanții erau așteptați cu merinde cu tema India. Biscuiti cu crema de migdale rețetă. De fiecare dată când îmi plac mai puțin prăjiturile industriale, le găsesc întotdeauna cu un exces de zahăr și bomboane de ciocolată și puține sunt mărcile cu care repet. Așa că, de obicei,. Reteta Biscuiti Vegani cu Unt de Arahide si Fulgi de Ovaz Vezi aici mai multe detalii despre rețetă.

Rețetă pentru biscuiți individuali de ou, unt și lapte cu stafide și zahăr glaciar. Prepararea retetei de biscuiti cu stafide: Se montează oul cu zahărul într-un bol. Se adaugă untul topit puțin câte puțin, un vârf de sare și lapte, în timp ce se amestecă Biscuiti cu unt de arahide este reteta preferata a copiilor mei, dar si mie [ Biscuiti spritati moi fara zahar 2 decembrie 2019 Tort cu ciocolata si jeleu de zmeura 7 noiembrie 2019 Chec cu mar sau para si scortisoara 3 noiembrie 2019 Prajitura cu prune scortisoara si migdale 20 octombrie 2019 Rulada de vita cu fistic la Multicooker-ul Crock-Pot Express cu gatire sub presiune 22 aprilie 201 O rețetă clasică de desert pe bază de biscuiți. Se prepara foarte ușor, rapid și este deliciosă. Ingredient. 300 g biscuiți clasici Spalam casunile, le scurgem de apa si le vom aseza peste biscuiti, pe marginea tavii, punem una dupa alta cate o jumatate de capsuna Salutări tuturor Aceasta este o rețetă proprie pe care o pregătesc acasă de ani de zile. Ideea a pornit de la faptul că într-un moment dat am citit pentru prima oară ingredientele de pe eticheta unui pateu de ficat de la magazin - momentul în care am rămas mută