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Very creamy

Wheat: beat the egg whites, then add the sugar, flour and baking powder.

Cream: mix the yolks and sugar well, then put the milk and the two vanilla puddings and boil. Put the butter in a plastic bowl and rub with the sugar, then mix with the cold cream.

Divide the cream in half, add the two tablespoons of cocoa in the other half. Spread the two creams over the counter and put whipped cream on top, then grate the chocolate or you can put balls for the cake.

Crockpot Express

Frying pan, enameled cast iron, round, 20cm, red

Vessel with lid, enameled cast iron, 4.7L, round, purple

is an easy to make and very tasty recipe.

Eugenia Doina Baranyai, November 1, 2014

Rocsy Ciobanu, November 1, 2014

Mrs. Eugenia can use butter instead of margarine. The tray is the right size, 37/25 cm.

Athens Pop, October 31, 2014

Ion Marieta The sheet is crushed with the twister, because it is easier.

Athens Pop, October 31, 2014

Yes, I also make the sheets with butter or fat and I put 100 gr.rom [alcohol] not milk in the cream. It is fine and good. It is easy to make. It is not pretentious.

Vicky Wilde, October 13, 2014

Well, haven't you read the cream recipe? the third sheet is put in the cream.

Rocsi (Chef de cuisine), January 19, 2014

Mariana can replace margarine with butter. The tray used is a suitable one, rectangular and not the big one. My tray is 36x24.

Eugenia Doina Baranyai, January 19, 2014

Can butter be put on the sheets instead of margarine? It was advisable to mention the size in cm of the tray!

Rocsi (Chef de cuisine), December 31, 2013

Emilia D'ettorre Cseh, December 30, 2013

very good, who knows ?? it's made for the holidays so I know

Rocsi (Chef de cuisine), November 7, 2013

Yes, you know it's a good idea with Costeo nut!

COSTEO (Chef de cuisine), November 6, 2013

Good, good, good. Some fried walnuts would be good!

Rocsi (Chef de cuisine), November 1, 2013

Thank you very much for your appreciation. Adriana 3rd sheet to put in cream, but crushed. I wrote in the recipe!

Kati-Kati Teszta cake

Kati-Kati Teszta cake

Simple as hello this day Kati cake, but as simple as it is, it's so good! I search recipe for some time and finally the other day I came across her at a mother's neighbor. I remembered it was a cake in which a sheet was crushed in the cream, but that is all my memory of it homemade cake and that it tasted like rum. My mother didn't know anymore recipe, so I started to ask the neighbor and here I came across recipe much desired. 20-22 years ago it was a cake very fashionable, easy to prepare with accessible ingredients and finally very tasty. But let's not talk about it anymore and let's move on Kati cake or as I called him, Kati Teszta !

Ingredient was Kati-Kati Teszta Cake :

500g flour
150 g lard (butter or margarine)
150 g sugar
1 pinch of salt (how much do you take between 3 fingers)
5 yolks
1 teaspoon ammonium (I used 1 sachet of baking powder)
cream 4-5 tablespoons, depending on how long the dough takes to be homogeneous

Kati-Kati Teszta Cake Cream Ingredient:

1 baked sheet of cake
vanilla sugar
50 ml Rom
2 tablespoons apricot or peach jam
20 g cocoa
150 g sugar
150 g butter or margarine Rama (cube)

Other Ingredients Kati-Kati Teszta Cake:
5 egg whites
250 g sugar

Kati-Kati Teszta Cake Sheet Preparation:

In a bowl mix flour with lard, sugar and salt powder. Add the baking powder and start mixing. We add the yolks and if necessary to homogenize the dough we add 4-5 tablespoons sour cream (I put 5 tablespoons because that's what the composition required). The dough should be elastic and easy to spread. Bake 3 sheets of this dough on the back of a 28 & # 21540 cm tray.

Preparing Kati-Kati Teszta Cake Cream:
We will crush one of the 3 baked sheets, break the pieces into a bowl. Heat a little milk, about 100 ml in which we dissolve an envelope with vanilla sugar and pour over the torn sheet pieces. Add 150 g sugar, 20 g cocoa, 50 ml rum and 2 tablespoons apricot jam.

Stir until smooth. 150 g of butter, foam it, then add it to the above composition, mix until it is homogeneous and proceed to fill the other two remaining sheets.

Spread the cream obtained on one of the sheets, and place the other remaining sheet over the cream.
The 5 egg whites together with 250 g of sugar are beaten hard on a steam bath and then spread over the filled cake, after which we scrape the chocolate on top.

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