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Countertop: mix whole eggs with sugar ana doubles its volume. Add the vanilla essence, finely ground walnuts and sifted flour together with the starch and mix gently. Pour the detachable composition wallpapered on the bottom only with baking paper and greased well with butter. Bake for about 25 minutes. Then cool and cut in half.

Syrup: caramelize the sugar, quench with water, after it has dissolved, let it cool, then add the rum essence.

Cream: put liquid cream and cold milk in the mixer bowl, add the cream powder and mix until a thick cream is obtained.

Glaze: put chocolate, whipped cream and butter in a bain marie until melted and homogenized. Leave to cool a bit.

Pralina: caramelize the sugar, then add the walnuts, dress in caramel, then take out on a plate very well greased with butter. Allow to harden well, then crush with a rolling pin.

Assembly: syrupy top, half of the glaze, cream, the other half of the glaze without 3 tablespoons, syrupy top, the remaining 3 tablespoons of preserved glaze, whipped cream, praline nuts. Let it cool until the next day.

Who is Elena Merisoreanu

Elena Merişoreanu (71 years old) is a popular music singer very loved by Romanians. He has an unmistakable voice and sings songs from Transylvania, very appreciated.

He was born on November 5, 1948 in the village of Paroşeni, near the town of Vulcan, in the south of Hunedoara County, near Sarmizegetusa.

Her childhood dream was to sing and not anyway, but to be a star. There was no electric light or radio in the house at that time, but there was a speaker through which the enchanted songs of the fashionable performers resounded then, writes

At the age of 4, he wondered, "How do these artists wake up so early to play on the radio?" She had her sister write and send to the Broadcasting letters that were, fortunately, read, and in which she asked how to become a singer.

Her father played the whistle and learned many songs from him, and his mother and sister sang in the fields and at family parties.

In 1964 he admired the show of the artistic ensemble "Ciocârlia" # 8221 which during the artistic tour offered several concerts to the miners. Asked by the members of the Ensemble if she knows how to sing, she did not hesitate to say, boldly, that she did.

Hiding his age (he was 16 years old), he participated in a contest to be admitted to a position in the Ensemble ,, Ciocârlia & # 8221. The artistic collaboration lasted more than a month. She won the competition, but was not hired.

The best Japanese Mochi recipes

Mochi, or Japanese rice cakes, is one of Japan's favorite foods. It is not only a traditional dish with many ways to enjoy it, but it is also incorporated into modern dishes of various international cuisines. The following is a list of recipes with many wonderful and varied ways to enjoy rice cakes.

For a primer on mochi, please enjoy this article on our blog: Everything you need to know about Mochi.

Sakura mochi or cherry blossom rice cakes are a traditional Japanese dessert that is enjoyed on March 3, or Girl's Day, also known as Hinamatsuri or Doll Festival.

Learn how to quickly speed up Japanese rice cakes (mochi) for a rustic and favorite dish.

Ozone is a Japanese rice cake soup (mochi) that enjoys New Year's Day (Oshogatsu). This version is made from a white miso from the Saikyo region of Japan.

There are many variants of Japanese New Year's soup or ozone. This traditional dish can be easily made vegan using a dashi konbu (kelp) and vegetables.

Mochi bars are a sweet dessert made from sticky rice flour and matcha powder and baked in the oven until the center is chewy and gooey and a slightly bright crust is formed.

Kinako mochi is one of the easiest ways to enjoy Japanese rice cakes. Kinako, or toasted soy flour, is mixed with granulated white sugar and then washed over heated rice cakes.

Tofu Mochi is a rice cake made with tofu and a sticky rice flour, then seasoned with a light powder of sweetened soybean meal (kinako).

Norimaki mochi, also called & quotisobeyaki & quot, is a fried rice cake, topped with sweet soy sauce icing and wrapped in a piece of dried pods (clouds).

Rice crackers are not just for buying at your local grocery store. It can be done at home quite easily. Find out how!

Chi chi dango mochi, also called coconut mochi, are small pieces of soft bread with bite of rice cake that are often made in colorful batches or in fruit flavors.

Chimaki is a dessert that is traditionally served on Boy's Day or Children's Day in Japan on May 5th. It is a sweet rice cake, glued to bamboo leaves.

"Elena" cake & # 8211 Delicious cake with apricot filling. Simple and quick to do

An easy to make, cool, summer cake that will get you out of trouble when you want to make something sweet in a short time.

You need:

Beat the egg whites, add the sugar, yolks, nuts and flour in the rain, stirring until smooth. This composition is poured into a cake form lined with either oil and flour or baking paper. Bake on low heat for about an hour.

  • For cream 1 you need 5 tablespoons of whipped cream and a few 5 tablespoons of apricot jam (you can use any jam you have at hand). Mix them until a thicker cream comes out.
  • For cream 2 you need 10 tablespoons of whipped cream and any fruit you want, of course cut into small pieces.

For the syrup you need 250 g of sugar, 250 ml of water and a rum essence. Bring to the boil and stir until the sugar melts.

The top is cut into 3 equal parts. Syrup the first countertop and pour cream on top 1. Put the second countertop on top, syrup it and put the cream made of whipped cream and fruit. Put the top 3 on top, syrup it too and decorate the cake with whipped cream and pieces of fruit. You can also use fruit from compote and instead of syrup use syrup from compote.

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