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Man Who Ate Chipotle for 500 Days Is Finally Ready to Move On

Man Who Ate Chipotle for 500 Days Is Finally Ready to Move On

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An Ohio man named Bruce Wayne is finally ready to eat someplace besides Chipotle


Bruce Wayne ate at Chipotle for more than a year.

An Ohio man named Bruce Wayne is a superhero of eating at Chipotle. In 2016 he set himself to the task of eating Chipotle every single day. Now he’s decided to hang up his cowl and go eat somewhere else.

According to WNWO Ohio, Wayne’s quest to set the Chipotle-eating record came in 2016 when a new Chipotle opened in Tiffin, Ohio. Pleased to have a Chipotle in the area, Wayne saw that Chipotle’s menu went well with his diet. When he heard that the reigning king of Chipotle fans had eaten at Chipotle for 425 days straight, Wayne decided to beat that.

Wayne ate almost every meal at the Chipotle, including breakfast. Employees of course got to know the guy named Bruce Wayne who came in every single day. On Wayne’s 365th day of eating at Chipotle, he was surprised to walk into the restaurant and see all the employees dressed as Batman.

The previous record-holder ate at Chipotle for 425 days, so Wayne actually completed the challenge with his 426th visit back in December, but according to KATU, he just kept going to 500. That should make his record more difficult for the next challenger to beat, at least.

Wayne makes charitable appearances dressed as Batman, and he wore his Batsuit for his 500th visit on Wednesday, March 14, where he ordered a small plate of quesadillas for $6.45, but according to the receipt he posted on Instagram, the restaurant didn’t charge him for his 500th meal. Chipotle promised Wayne it would donate $4,260 to the Financial Assistance for Cancer Treatment if he beat the previous record. Now Wayne says it’s time to start a new journey. Maybe he could try hitting the best Mexican restaurant in every state.

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