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How to enjoy the flavor even in winter

How to enjoy the flavor even in winter

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If you want to put a good dill, you can preserve a larch in the food at the end of summer (August). Wash, pick and put on a clean towel for a few hours, then finely chop and pack in bags that are placed in the freezer. I take out a bag and then turn it over in a plastic box to have easier access to the greenery.

If you want to keep the greens in the fridge and be fresh in a few weeks, wash it and then roll it in a fluffier towel and put it in the fridge. When you need greenery, open the roller and take out a few green threads. Tight thus lasts up to 2-3 weeks (personally tested).


Wash and chop according to preference and put in bags that we immediately put in the freezer. It is taken out over the winter and used according to preferences. In bags we save space.

Carrots, celery

Chop into cubes or slices and put in bags and put in the freezer immediately. We take care to remove the air when we tighten the bags to tie them to the mouth. It is used according to preferences

Green peas

Wash the cleaned peas and leave them to dry, then put them in bags and put them in the freezer. Bags are made exactly for one serving of food (400 -500 gr).

Green beans

Clean the threads and wash, leave to dry and put in bags a suitable amount for a meal.

Baked peppers

Bake the peppers, clean them and let them drain. Put peppers in bags according to preference (chopped or whole, depending on what you want to do: peppers baked with vinegar, for food, zacusca, etc.)

Baked eggplants

Bake the eggplant, clean it, let it drain and put it untouched, in bags, suitable portions, depending on the recipe.


When I don't use all the yeast, I divide it into cubes (about 25 gr) and wrap each cube in food foil and put them in the freezer. Sometimes I prefer to take two packets of yeast and make portions so that I don't have the surprise that when I want to make something leavened I don't have it.

Pumpkin for the pie

Scrape the cleaned pumpkin, cook it as for the pie and put it cooled in bags for a portion of the pie, so I always have it at hand.


Wash the mushrooms and boil in boiling water, the first water is discarded and boiled in more water. Let it drain and put it in the bags according to the recipe.

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What readers are saying about "How to enjoy a job you hate"

I regret to inform you that at least half of the advice is unrealistic (at least in the conditions in Romania), our working conditions cannot be negotiated - the job description is not negotiable, the working hours are not flexible, the rest leave is also not they negotiate, how they work at large companies you can't take frequent breaks and when you want, sometimes you don't have time to take a lunch break, - what you say here can be applied at most if who work for a small company with an understanding employer (but in this case I don't think you could hate your job) or if you are so good in the field you work that employers beat you and you can have such claims (which is only the case for a small number of people). Sorry but it doesn't match real life.

Very nice and useful article, and as I noticed, there are other topics on similar topics. CONGRATULATIONS

Choose an old tree from a forest, a quiet park or even a lonely tree and a good book. Let yourself be enveloped by the charm of nature and relax.

Buy a butterfly net and rediscover the child within you. You do not have to keep these delicate flights captive, but enjoy the experience and the feeling of freedom that it offers you.

How to choose and keep cinnamon

1 This spice comes in the form of sticks and powder, which can be obtained by crushing cinnamon tubes.

2 Cinnamon sticks can be stored for longer, but the dust has a stronger aroma.

3 Cinnamon should be stored in a tightly closed glass container in a dry place away from light. Cinnamon tubes retain their aroma very well in these conditions, for about a year, while cinnamon powder lasts for about six months.

4 You can extend the period in which cinnamon retains its properties if you keep it in the refrigerator, closed in a bowl or wrapped in paper.

5 You can check if you still have the spice fresh by smelling it. If the smell is not sweet, you can throw sticks or cinnamon powder.

Give life to the garden with ceramic figurines

If you have selected your favorite shrubs and flowers, you can liven up the garden with the help of ceramic decorations. You have a great variety of figurines from which you can select the ones that suit the theme of the garden. The ceramic figurines hedgehog, turtle, bunnies, deer with chickens can give a wild air to the garden. You can select simple ceramic figurines with your favorite characters. Dwarfs, wild geese and swan figurines can help you believe childhood stories around them.

Do you want to capitalize on every part of the garden? It's perfect! This year, figurines with integrated pots are recommended. Thus the pansies planted in a dwarf's wheelbarrow reveal a fairytale image. Snails, from the shell of which fragrant flowers emerge and the "forgotten" clogs from which the delicate flowers of the azure bells come out, can bring a splash of color that animates the garden.

How to freeze fruits for winter

Do you want to enjoy the fresh aromas and intense taste of your favorite fruits in winter? Freeze them yourself, it's very simple. explains step by step how to proceed.

It is not very difficult, but you have to follow certain steps. It is not good to simply throw them in the freezer because you want to enjoy some fresh and whole fruits in winter.

Step 1: wash and clean them as if you were eating them immediately. Peel the apples and pears, remove the seeds from the plums or peaches and cut them into smaller pieces. The small fruits can be left whole.

Step 2: Put all the fruits on a tray, in a single layer, without crowding or overlapping them. Put the tray in the freezer and leave them for a few hours.

Step 3: Put the fruit in small plastic bags, which close tightly, in categories and in small portions. Thus, you will have them at hand and you will be able to defrost only the desired amount. Tip: try to get all the air out of the point before closing them and putting them in the freezer.

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Call someone you love

It is almost impossible to be able to give yourself a few hours to do what you like when you take care of your baby. However, as soon as you learn its routines, you can enjoy the weekly yoga session. Ask grandparents or a good friend to stay with the baby one or two hours a week. This way, when you return, you will be even more charged with positive energy.

In addition, the benefits are on both sides. Babies can realize our emotions and respond according to what they feel and see. If the mother is in a good mood and the baby feels safe and quiet.

If you recognize yourself in one of the above situations, the following tips will substantially help you get it done:

1. First of all, he admits that the winter holidays stress you out . If you deny this aspect, depression will catch you on the wrong foot and it will settle in you with full rights. There is no need to feel guilty that you do not fully enjoy the endless hustle and bustle of winter preparations and holidays. Some people simply throw this time of year beyond their stress tolerance limit, and you can be one of them. It's not a problem, but you have to acknowledge and accept. Awareness is very important.

2. Identify what is stressing you the most during the holidays . There is definitely something that is more annoying than the rest of the specifics. Is it the fact that you have to spend more? Or that you can't stand shopping and the hustle and bustle? Or that household chores are, suddenly, even more so than before? Whatever the reason, be aware of it. This way you will feel better because you will at least take concrete steps to avoid as much as you can the reason for nerves.

3. Think positive . Are you tired of this cliché you keep hearing about? It works, you know, and still works very well for people who, despite emotional or financial difficulties, remain, whatever it is, focused on the positive aspects of their lives. Don't feel bad because you only have 50 lei in your pocket. Feel good that you have enough to pay for a movie ticket and get a muffin or a saorma afterwards.

4. Ra closer and keep in touch with your friends, with neighbors, with co-workers with people in general. Talk to whoever you want, honestly, about how you feel about the holidays. There are great chances to discover that others, like you, go through the same feelings, so you will not feel different and guilty for not enjoying the most wonderful moment of the year as romantic and sometimes unrealistic is called Christmas in seasonal songs.

5. Do activities that make you very happy and that have nothing to do with the Holidays . Run, walk quietly outdoors, read a good book, practice your hobby. What if it doesn't fit into the traditional holiday habits? It is important that you are well.

6. Eat right and be physically active. It's easy to overeat just because it's the holidays (& hellip and leave, because you start the January diet & hellip) and then lie for hours in front of the TV. Your mind can cope much better with negative emotional states when your body is healthy and nourished with important nutrients, not food for emotional comfort.

7. Practice relaxation and meditation, use your imagination to you see yourself as being somewhere where you have great pleasure , doing something that fills your soul with joy. If for you this can mean by the sea playing with your child, close your eyes and let your mind take you & hellip to the sea. In other words & hellip escapes. Sometimes escape can be your lifeline. No one is forcing you to stay mentally right now.

8. P oti find a small reason to enjoy , wherever you are. Rather than feeling the stress around you and how sadness floods you while you are suffocated by the endless hustle and bustle of a mall before the holidays, it is better to select the good things from what is happening around you: listen to the music around you, enjoy the beauty Christmas decorations, get a coffee or hot chocolate from the mall where you are. Simply enjoy yourself.

9. Offer to help others . Many times when you shift your attention from yourself to others in need, you manage to realize that your problems are really smaller than those faced by your peers. Get involved in charity events on the occasion of the Holidays for orphaned children or sing in a carol choir that goes to old people's homes. Any beautiful gesture made for others, first makes you feel good and therefore takes you away from sadness.

10. Buy a decorative lamp that generates you extra light . Did you know that many people have a depressive disorder in the cold season due to the fact that we have less sunlight? If you spend 30 minutes a day near a strong source of pleasant light in the house, you will dramatically feel the difference for the better on your psyche. This is confirmed by the specialists from ehow after studies have been done on people who come from Mediterranean countries and are forced to work in northern countries where the sun rarely breaks through the clouds, let alone enough to reach man and cheer him up.

Sun burns? Here's how you hack them!

Did you stay in the sun too long and burn your skin? Does it sting, hurt or have a general malaise? You can use simple aids to soothe your irritations and inflammation. Mimi tells you what to do. Listen to Mimi!

Take an ibuprofen or an aspirin. Ibuprofen or aspirin are the best solutions but also the most popular options you have in case of sunburn. These drugs reduce skin inflammation and soothe pain.

& # 8211 Do not give aspirin to children! Instead, you can opt for products specially designed for the little ones that you find in pharmacies.

& # 8211 If you don't have sunburn creams, aloe vera products or cortisone creams in your holiday kit, then you can make a "wonder" paste from several aspirins. Grind them and mix them with a few drops of water, and then apply the "treatment" on the sunburned skin areas.

Take cold showers Cold water will help you better withstand the discomfort caused by sunburn. Take cold showers and try to relax for 15 minutes. Cold water will soothe your pain and reduce irritation and inflammation.

& # 8211 Do not use body soap, shower gel, oil or bath foam as these products will further aggravate inflammation and skin irritations.

& # 8211 If blisters have already appeared on the surface of the skin, take a bath in cold water and avoid showering. This is because the shower water pressure can break these blisters, and your condition will worsen even more.

& # 8211 After showering or bathing, avoid wiping your body with a towel. In fact, you can't even do one like this because of the sharp burning sensation. Wait for it to dry on its own or dab the faorte skin lightly using a soft, clean cotton bath towel.

Apply cold compresses If you can't take a cold bath or enjoy the coolness of an invigorating shower, then all you have to do is apply cold compresses on your sunburned skin. Try to relax for 10-20 minutes, changing the compresses from time to time to maintain a constant temperature. Don't forget that cold water works wonders!

Use aloe vera products. You can buy gels, lotions or creams based on aloe vera. The beneficial effect that this plant has on your skin and skin is more than known. It will cool you down, it will fight against irritations and inflammations, having a calming effect. Spread the product slowly, with gentle movements. Covers sunburned skin, always leaving a surplus of cream on the surface. This will prevent dehydration. In other words, the cream used should not be completely absorbed.

Use cortisone-based products. Cortisone cream contains a relatively small amount of steroids that reduce inflammation. You can buy a product that contains a low dose of steroids or you can opt for hydrocortisone creams. Careful! These products are not for children either!

Treat the basics correctly! If the sunburn is severe, you will notice that blisters will appear on the surface of the skin. What to do? By no means do I want to convey that I recommend for the mother to be inactive. If you break them prematurely, you will have a rather painful experience but you will also risk a beautiful infection.

& # 8211 However, if a blister has formed on the surface of the skin that needs to be drained, proceed as hygienically as possible! First, wash your hands with soap and water, and then disinfect yourself with alcohol. Sterilize a needle and gently prick the base until you notice that the liquid is leaking.

& # 8211 Under no circumstances try to remove the skin of a blister that has just broken!

& # 8211 Then cover the skin surface with a sterile dressing.

He wears loose cotton clothes. If you suffer from sunburn, it is recommended to wear clothes that are as wide as possible, as comfortable as possible and made of cotton. This is a natural material that allows the skin to breathe freely, absorbs moisture and allows air to enter and ventilate. Cotton is your ally when you suffer from skin irritations with a soft and fluffy texture.

Drink as much water as possible. Your body is very dehydrated, and water will help it fight burns, irritations and inflammation. Water will help the skin to recover in a much shorter time.

Protect your skin if you have to expose yourself to the sun again. It is obvious that you need an umbrella to protect you from the sun's rays. Don't forget your sun hat or glasses at home. Use body creams based on aloe vera but also lotions against the sun's rays with a high protection factor.

Apply a moisturizer. Even if you got rid of blisters but also redness in the first days after sun exposure, your skin is still covalent. Use a moisturizer to help it regenerate and to nourish it deeply.

How do you recognize an infection? If you notice the following symptoms, it means that the sunburn has severely affected your skin and the irritations have become infected. The treatment is based on antibiotics but consult a doctor first!

& # 8211 Pain, stinging, feeling of warmth in the area of ​​the skin affected by the infection

Like any creature, koi fish need a stable environment. It would be ideal for the water temperature not to change suddenly by more than two degrees. So do not refresh the water too often, in order to keep it as clean as possible for them, but limit yourself to doing it once a week, in a proportion of 10-20%, no more. In ponds with a good filtration system, there is a refresh of water once a month.

It is good to know that koi fish also survive in frozen water on the surface, entering hibernation, but it does not hurt to make a hole in the ice to promote the exchange with the outside environment.